Maintenance & Support

Factory Maintenance Planning Reduces Downtime

Without the proper maintenance and support, your systems can become unreliable — leading to unscheduled downtime, product waste and a decrease in profitability. To help you mitigate these risks, MAVERICK Technologies provides a range of factory maintenance planning services and plant maintenance support as part of our sustaining services offering. We’ll work with you to develop a custom solution that meets your specific needs, with plenty of flexibility to change over time.

We need access to additional resources to support our planned outages. MAVERICK provides technicians, process engineers and managers that can supervise our maintenance support staff.

— Satisfied Customer, Oil and Gas Industry

The MAVERICK Approach

MAVERICK takes a comprehensive approach to provide maintenance process solutions from staffing support to design-for-ease maintenance solutions (or processes); with a focus on eliminating unplanned outages. We work with you to fully understand your maintenance requirements and develop a holistic, proactive plan for supporting your systems. Our process entails detailed design engineering, sub-system process segregation, commissioning, training plans, and preventive maintenance processes for ease of maintenance during outages, increased uptime, and lower cost. We keep in mind the end goal: to ensure a cost-effective, maintainable and operable process or facility for operations to manage. Our diverse industry experience allows sharing of maintenance process best practices with all our customers.

MAVERICK can help:

  • Provide remote diagnostics
  • Develop preventative maintenance programs
  • Create technical training programs and documentation
  • Plan for outages and smooth commissioning
  • Deliver maintenance management and equipment lifecycle solutions

Plant Maintenance Support Expertise

New customers continue to see the value of relying on us for their maintenance and support needs. We’ve completed many maintenance and support projects for organizations across industries.