Much depends on the safety layers built into your process operations and company-wide safety strategies and policies. 识别和预防工厂中的安全风险和危害, 实施和维护过程安全是至关重要的.

When it comes to process safety projects and hazardous operations, 比如启动和关闭, MAVERICK科技带来深厚的领域经验, leveraging industry standards and best practices to help increase facility output, 提高运营质量和效率, 确保安全并加强法规遵从性.

To improve operations and prevent incidents, MAVERICK subject-matter experts apply a combination of:

  • 过程控制知识
  • 工业自动化深度
  • 安全仪表系统(SIS)专业知识

To us, it’s not just about the technology and processes, it’s also about the people in your facility. We ensure facility personnel have the right tools and technology required to do their respective jobs. We also help them better understand their role in the broader process safety picture and ensure continuous improvement measures are in place to maintain operations.


MAVERICK understands that you must make upfront decisions about your operations, 识别风险以及你能承受多大的风险.

Project management is one of the most important factors in the success of a process safety project. MAVERICK雇佣了 项目完成® 项目管理方法, which our project managers execute at every stage in the process safety project lifecycle: define, 设计, 开发, 部署, 直接, 文档.

MAVERICK experts can help with your functional specifications, planning and execution.

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Typically referred to as a process hazard analysis (PHA) or HAZOP. 这是一个设施识别危险情况的步骤. 至少, 它需要一个训练有素的引导者, 工艺工程方面的专家, 一名运营代表. Often the team will be larger and include both internal and external operators/supervisors, 以及其他工程学科,如过程控制, 机械与电气.


LOPA是执行过程危害分析(PHA)的一种方法。. It involves analyzing the tolerable risk remaining after safety protections are applied.


可容忍的风险 is the benchmark that a company uses to determine their relative safety strategy. Most large operators have these decisions quantified in tables and charts. 如果您开始在您的设施中实施SIS, 这是关键的一步, 我们可以提供有经验的辅导员和专家的帮助.


How do you know that the interlock you’ve been relying on is going to meet the criteria for SIL2? 你必须算一下. 我们可以帮助你完成这个过程.


安装任何新仪器时, 尤其是在实现新的SIS保护层时, 仪器必须安装正确. Our team of experienced 设计ers can provide detailed instrument installation details for your next project.


An SRS is a requirement of the safety standard and specifies all the details of the SIL function. It includes the 文档 that proves the protective function will satisfy the intended use. 是否有自己的模板, 或者想让我们用我们的, we have the range of disciplines required to complete the specification.


用于SIL服务的仪器, it should have a SIL certification from the manufacturer or the operator can self-certify that it is proven in use. We can help you make the decision and setup the record keeping that you will need if you decide to self-certify.


Just because a SIL3 transmitter is connected to a SIL3 PLC and it closes a SIL3 valve, 该功能未通过SIL认证. 它只意味着组件支持SIL3. SIL functions must meet their required probability of failure on demand (PFD). To determine the probability of failure on demand (the odds that the system will work when called upon), 你必须算一下. We have experience analyzing SIL levels using many commercially available software packages.


Part of the determination of a SIL function is how often it will be tested to try to find undetected faults (i.e.(它断了,但你看不出来). 这个测试被称为证明测试. We have written procedures for proof testing instruments, valves, motor contactors and logic solvers.


Before a SIL function be considered “in-service,” it must be tested in place, validated. 我们为许多客户编写了验证程序, 我们的现场技术人员执行了更多的任务.


除了安全系统编程, some LOPA-credited protections are implemented as interlocks and alarms on the Basic Process Control System (BPCS). MAVERICK has experience implementing BPCS protections on almost all DCS and PLC systems in industrial use.


在编写安全系统程序时, it is important to understand the safety manual and best practices for the logic solver. 有专门的技术领导, MAVERICK has a commitment to quality in all the platforms we support.


对于一个安全系统,良好的编程实践是不够的. 必须对控制代码进行测试以证明其功能, and it must be assessed to prove that the rules of the safety manual were followed.


一旦安装在现场, a verification test proves that the safety function will work when needed. MAVERICK’s field technicians have experience executing SIS validations across many industries.


  • Initiate or rejuvenate your 过程安全 Management (PSM) programs and guidelines.
  • Perform a Process Hazard Analysis (PHA)/Hazard and Operability (HAZOP) study or other audit to determine any safety-related issues or to identify those situations or potential system failures that could happen to cause an accident or issue.
  • Provide experts with varying backgrounds who can provide insights and information on your facility’s critical systems.
  • Review the conclusions from the PHA/HAZOP discussions and ensure that they are applied properly.
  • Establish alarms for critical events, and understand the response required for each alarm.
  • Facilitate OSHA-mandated training so operators understand all changes to standard operating procedures and can identify potential hazards.